Network Consulting

Our Network Architects are passionate about what they do, building next generation networks based on proven technologies. We build physical and wireless networks from the ground up and can help you troubleshoot your existing network via assessments and in-depth network topology reviews.


Let our experts help you design or review your existing network architecture. Through a consultation and assessment we can determine the best network architecture roadmap for your company.


Are you having trouble within your existing network or looking for ways to make incremental improvements? Our engineers have worked in large scale production networks and know what it takes to run a smooth network.


Securing your network means protecting from both external and internal threats. if you're looking for a more granular inspection of what's going on in your network we can recommend the right solution.


Today's networks are complex and managing those systems can prove to be a burden. We've worked with many network management solutions and found what we believe to be the best. Contact us to find out more.

Why choose Somo Data?

We're experts when it comes to next generation and software defined networks. Our engineers have built and managed networks from Cisco, Meraki, HP, Arista, Juniper and Dell.

Our Founder lives by the core principals he learned as a United States Marine. Honor, our clients by giving them the best possible service. Courage, to do what's right by our clients. Commitment, to our clients and partners that we will do everything we can to ensure a successful outcome.

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