Collaboration & Unified Communications

Allowing the workforce to seamlessly collaborate and communicate on projects from any place or any device has the power to transform your business. Many of our clients are already harnessing the power of collaboration and are actually saving money doing it. Let us know you how!


Let our Architects help you design your next generation enterprise voice system. We work with a variety of providers like Cisco, Shoretel and Avaya to create platforms that help benefit the entire organization.


Do you need a hand with your new roll-out? Whether its a person to place phones on the desk or an Engineer to assist with a migration or cutover, we have the expertise to take on the toughest challenges. Call us today!


Some clients choose not to procure hardware for their next generation phone systems and are instead choosing to host it in the cloud. Let us help you choose the right provider for your organization!


Whether your infrastructure is in the cloud or in the closet, we can help you manage your infrastructure 24x7x365. Add, Changes & Requests... We can become your organizations voice team.

Why choose Somo Data?

Our Engineers have worked with organizations ranging from Fortune 100 to Government and Department of Defense on some of the most complex projects imaginable. We have the experience and expertise to take on the toughest challenges.

Our Founder lives by the core principals he learned as a United States Marine. Honor, our clients by giving them the best possible service. Courage, to do what's right by our clients. Commitment, to our clients and partners that we will do everything we can to ensure a successful outcome.

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